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Choose your Onboarding Path

Our onboarding paths answer the following questions:

  1. What can the Blockchain OS do for you as a new blockchain user?
  2. What can the Blockchain OS do for you as a developer?
  3. What can the Blockchain OS do for you as a researcher/low-level developer?

This section targets developers who want to start building DApps.

As a developer, you can use all the programming languages, tools, libraries, software, and services you are already familiar with. By moving most of the complex logic of their DApps to portable off-chain components, developers are freed from the limitations and idiosyncrasies imposed by blockchains. In this way, Cartesi empowers developers to select the best run-time environment in which to host each part of their DApps.

Quick start to run your first DApp

The fastest way of getting started is by Running a Simple DApp that we already built using Python.


Check the section Cartesi Rollups to learn theoretical concepts such as DApp architecture, available APIs, and how Cartesi's off-chain and on-chain components work under the hood.

Run your DApp off-chain using Cartesi Compute SDK

You can use the Cartesi Compute SDK to leverage Cartesi to run one-off complex computations that could never be executed inside a normal smart contract. Instead, those computations are executed off-chain with automatic dispute resolution guarantees, and its results can later be used on-chain.

Navigate to Cartesi Compute Tutorials section for more examples:

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