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Cartesi, is a layer-2 platform for the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications. It offers a Linux operating system coupled with a blockchain infrastructure, which allows DApps to be developed in familiar programming languages like Python without the need to write Solidity code.

Hash view of state

One of the key goals of moving computations off-chain is to allow them to manipulate vast amounts of data: so much data that it becomes economically prohibitive to explicitly store them in the blockchain.


The Cartesi Machine is Cartesi's solution for verifiable computation.

Lua interface

This entire chapter is for advanced users only, since typical users of the Cartesi platform will likely never need to programmatically control a Cartesi Machine.


The scalability issue is one of the three parts of the Blockchain Trilemma, along with security and decentralization. Solving the scalability issue refers to any type of improvement within a blockchain system in terms of computational power, throughput, latency, bootstrap time, or cost per transaction. For example, high gas fees make it expensive for users to pay for their transactions within the Ethereum blockchain.

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