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Deploying DApps

Please check the full documentation for deploying Rollups DApps to Cartesi's cloud-based execution infrastructure.

Putting Things Together

To better understand how Cartesi Compute can be used, imagine the following simple Cartesi DApp with one claimer and one challenger. The DApp can be a skill-based game where players place their bets and challenge each other for the highest score over the blockchain. The winner takes the pot.

Quick Start

This article explains how to build and interact with a minimalistic Cartesi Rollups application.

Run back-end in Host Mode

When developing an application, it is often important to easily test and debug it. For that matter, it is possible to run the Cartesi Rollups environment in host mode, so that the DApp's back-end can be executed directly on the host machine, allowing it to be debugged using regular development tools such as an IDE.


The scalability issue is one of the three parts of the Blockchain Trilemma, along with security and decentralization. Solving the scalability issue refers to any type of improvement within a blockchain system in terms of computational power, throughput, latency, bootstrap time, or cost per transaction. For example, high gas fees make it expensive for users to pay for their transactions within the Ethereum blockchain.

The Blockchain OS

Cartesi, The Blockchain OS, is a layer-2 platform for the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications. The Blockchain OS offers a Linux operating system coupled with a blockchain infrastructure, which allows DApps to be developed in familiar programming languages like Python without the need to write Solidity code.

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