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Cartesi Rollups - Understanding the risks

Cartesi Rollups is an app-specific execution environment that can be deployed as a L2, L3, or as sovereign rollups. It's not your typical L1 blockchain, so the idea of a "Mainnet launch" is a bit different. What actually goes to mainnet are the dApps built using Cartesi! And with the launch of the Honeypot dApp, Cartesi Rollups is officially Mainnet-ready (beta)!

What do I need to know about Mainnet Beta?

Now that Cartesi has reached a Mainnet Ready stage, developers will be able to build dApps with Cartesi Rollups and deploy on Ethereum, Optimism and Arbitrum Mainnets!

At this first stage, the validation remains permissioned, with no support for disputes, however progress to implement this is already underway.

Undiscovered Bugs

Cartesi Rollups is the product of many brilliant minds, carefully reviewed and constructed. While it is in the beta stage of development, there remains a chance that the codebase contains some undiscovered vulnerabilities that might put user funds at risk.

Developers and users should factor this risk into their decision to use Cartesi Rollups, and in deciding how much of their value to entrust to the system.


So, what steps are we taking to keep user funds safe? Honeypot is a dApp designed to challenge the security of Cartesi Rollups.

As the Honeypot is tested and fortified, users and developers will have increased confidence in the security of Cartesi’s tech to launch and use new dApps that hold real assets. Want to help test the security of Cartesi Rollups? Try your hand at cracking the Honeypot here.


Cartesi Rollups, like Ethereum, is permissionless - anybody can deploy any smart contract code they want. Treat interacting with contracts on Cartesi Rollups exactly as you do with Ethereum, only doing so if you’ve independently verified that the application is secure.

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