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What follows is a summary of the architecture and the components that are involved in running a Cartesi Compute Application, meaning some dApp that makes use of our SDK. It is convenient to start with the description of the typical ingredients involved in a decentralized application. Namely, the blockchain node and the client software.


This section describes in detail the Drive[] _inputDrives parameter of the instantiate call.

How it works

Cartesi Compute SDK allows Cartesi dApps to specify and request verifiable computations to Cartesi Machines. Additionally, the SDK provides tools to facilitate and reduce the cost of inputting data into Cartesi Machines.


This section describes the main ingredient of the on-chain Cartesi Compute infrastructure.

Machines off-chain

Although an extensive documentation of Cartesi Machines can be found here, one may choose to skip this reading and jump right away to their usage inside the blockchain through Cartesi Compute. For that, it is enough to regard a Cartesi Machine as a black box that executes computations.


Cartesi Compute allows you to implement a function in which you receive a set of inputs and it provides an output. So you can think of a Compute dApp as a computational oracle that tells you the result of a computation.

Provider drives

After going through the last section, the reader is already able to specify drives if the data was available to the caller at the time of instantiation.

The off-chain API

After the call for instantiate, the blockchain may already have all information that is necessary to execute the machine. But in many cases it also needs to get input from other users. In a game for example, the user may need to insert their decisions on input drives for later processing.

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