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Platform services

Platform Services is a new product developed and maintained by the Cartesi team that hosts Cartesi Node infrastructure for DApps. The service is elastic, making resources available to DApps upon demand. Developers deploy their Cartesi DApps on Platform Services and it automatically allocates resources according to user activity.

With Platform Services, DApp users don't need to install any software or even know Cartesi is being used. Cartesi Nodes run by the platform overcome a bootstrapping problem DApp developers would face otherwise. Either they would need to host Cartesi Nodes themselves or demand their users to do so.

Aside from helping to overcome the bootstrapping issue, the platform infrastructure is a convenient and secure way to deploy Cartesi DApps. Platform nodes operate under high availability and reliability conditions, verifying computations and promptly defending each DApp user on Verification Game dispute resolutions.

Detailed information on Platform Services will be published when its first version is made public. If you are an early DApp developer interested in using Cartesi, please contact us to discuss the possibility of early access to the infrastructure.

Platform Services can be a great way to publish and distribute your Cartesi Compute DApp.

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