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Create your first dApp

Once you learned how to run a simple example, it is now time to create one of your own. In order to do this, we will make use of the existing dApps available in Cartesi's rollups-examples Github repository. Once again, make sure you have installed all the necessary requirements before proceeding.

Current challenges

Cartesi Rollups are shaped by the contributions and collaborative efforts of its decentralized community. As the community continuously works together to build something amazing, there are ongoing challenges that need attention. On this page, you’ll explore these challenges and potential strategies and solutions that the community might consider.

Deploying dApps

Cartesi Rollups dApps are intended to be deployed to public blockchains, so that they can be accessed by users. This can be done by taking advantage of a cloud-based infrastructure provided by Cartesi.

General requirements

To start developing applications using Cartesi Rollups, first make sure that the packages listed in this section are all installed and working in your system. The instructions listed below should be enough to turn a fresh copy of the latest Ubuntu LTS distribution into a fully fledged Cartesi development environment.


Cartesi's vision is that creating a dApp should not be too different from the general development of desktop, web, and mobile applications. To that end, Cartesi provides a framework for building decentralized logic, giving developers full flexibility to use the tools and libraries of their preference.

Performance recommendations

The Cartesi Rollups framework offers a plethora of possibilities for developing dApps, giving you the freedom to choose the technologies and stacks that align with your goals. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider certain recommendations to ensure that the dApps work seamlessly, given the current state of the Cartesi Rollups framework.

Run an example dApp

This article explains how to build and interact with a minimalistic Cartesi Rollups application.

Run back-end in Host Mode

When developing an application, it is often important to easily test and debug it. For that matter, it is possible to run the Cartesi Rollups environment in host mode, so that the dApp's back-end can be executed directly on the host machine, allowing it to be debugged using regular development tools such as an IDE.

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